Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trillions for War And None For The American People


By Chimp

In 2001, George W. Bush attempted to destroy Social Security by turning the people’s money over to Wall Street. Then, 9/11 happened and Social Security was saved for the time being.

If the money had been given to Wall Street as planned, would our government have bailed out Social Security after Wall Street collapsed in Bush’s last year in office?

Remember, millions of people lost their entire retirement investments when Wall Street fell or when people like Bernie Madoff scammed them.

Republicans have been trying to do away with Social Security since it’s inception as it gives too much power to the “little” people. It gives the old and sick food, housing and medicine, which Republicans feel it makes them too strong politically.

Today, again, Republicans and some Democrats are taking up arms to destroy Social Security and Medicare.

They have trillions of dollars to throw away on stupid, unnecessary and illegal wars and trillions to give back to the wealthiest Americans in tax breaks but none of the money poor people invested for their retirement and medical care after they reach old age.

Did you know that the wealthiest Americans this year made more money than they did in 1995 - 15 years ago?

American taxpayer money is being wasted in unending wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and others we don’t even know about yet.

Billions are given each year to the State of Israel so they can kill Palestinians.

Unnecessary billions will be spent on missiles in Eastern Europe to scare Russia and by saying they are really aimed at Iran and North Korea.

Billions are spent by the government on fake bird flu and swine flu pandemic vaccines.

Yet, there is no money - even though Americans have had this money taken out of their paycheck - to take care of the American old, poor, disabled and hungry.

Sarah Palin and other Republicans spoke of Obama’s “death panels”, but these are the real death panels. Destroying Social Security and Medicare will pronounce the death sentence of millions of old, poor, disabled Americans.

It would be genocide on a scale never before seen in this world.



hunter said...

Until the people will not realize that, they are just slave of the Zionism nothing will happen. Americans programed not to think, but obey.

Anonymous said...

I live in South East Asia,i'd known my leaders did some really serious shit,,in the 80's,90's n 200+,but the magnitude of shit being done,,,is not so alarming as to the American statesmen and stateswomen commited themselves into,
The really commit themselves (American statesmen and stateswomen,not forgetting the British)
genocide acts even worse than Nazi in WW2.
What kind of Americans and British people are there,to my knowledge most of the time they simply chose the wrong leader to lead them.Not many of them are conglomerates,billionaires,millionaires,capitalist but then most of the average citizens seems to favour the riches,by right democracy is rule of the people chosen by the people themselves.Howeever this is not something that is true,because democracy in the USA is about protecting these conglomerates,billionaires,millionaires,capitalist.