Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bush Loved Drinks And Had The Hots For Condi Rice


Laura left Bush twice. During his affair with Condoleezza Rice, she asked him to stop acting like Bill Clinton.

One of the surely interesting chapters will be that concerning his relationship with wife Laura. It is not a well known fact that she left him twice, the second time being mid-way through his presidential mandate. Supposedly, the reason was his hidden (but revealed) love for alcohol which she would not tolerate and she left him, probably going to one of the presidential residences (Camp David most likely).

She gave him an ultimatum: alcohol or her.

It was not easy convincing a wife of 31 years to come back. He justified everything with stress at work and pressures he was under. Laura would not accept his apology, reminding him of their previous problems – he was too fond of alcohol, too often.

Still, with time, Laura accepted his promise to quit the “booze” and returned to the White House.



Sunny said...

Was he 'really' involved with Condi Rice?!

Skeeter Sanders said...

George W. Bush's love for alcohol has long been the subject of many articles in the supermarket tabloids. But his alleged desire for Condoleeza Rice is a new one on me and frankly, I find it hard to believe, especially since Rice -- who has never married -- is herself long the target of tabloid rumors that she's a lesbian.