Sunday, February 27, 2011

Facebook Now Useful Tool for Hookers


​So Facebook is essentially a seedy motel in Times Square now, what with the spammers crowding your wall and all the prostitutes hanging out.

Because according to a Columbia sociology professor, Facebook is the new Craigslist for hookers. So -- Facebook can't deal with arty nude drawings, but prostitution is A-OK?



jadedj said...

I am no great fan of Facebook, although I have one. I only created it so that I could view a friend's photos, and also to monitor my teenaged daughter's page. But, in my view there have been far too many negative things happen on it...especially with teen bullies. Plus, unfortunately, I have been tracked down by way too many of my conservative high school chums...assuming that I have the same politics that they have, simply because we went to the same school eons ago.

Besides, who the deuce needs to know that much about you (one). Seriously.

Not at all surprised at the hooker usage.

Chimp said...

They did shutdown the craigslist adult section, so they found another avenue.
I'm also afraid that the government is using facebook to spread their propaganda and may fave started the Egypt revolution by using their new "persona"software on facebook and other social networks. One Pentagon dude can control thousands of fake people, all memebers of facebook or myspace or twitter and start all these fake members "talking revolution" and the whole thing takes off.
They can use this same system to elect congressmen and the US President.

jadedj said...

Yes indeed. You are spot on with that's probably exactly as you describe. As I have so often said in the last few years...we are fucked!